I'm Clayton Tarantino—I'm a copywriter, content planner, and editor.

For both B2B and B2C audiences, I have professional experience writing for:

  • Internet and Phone (AT&T, DIRECTV)
  • Insurance 
    • Life Insurance (ASPCA, Healthy Paws)
    • Pet Insurance (Fabric by Gerber, Ethos)
    • Medicare (Aetna)
  • Consumer Goods 
    • Meal Kits (Home Chef, HelloFresh)
    • Wine Clubs (Firstleaf, Winc)
  • And more

If a format exists online, I've etched copy into it: SEO landing pages, guest posts, news articles, PPC ads, video scripts, display ads, social media posts, and on, and on. 

For my next adventure, I want to work in TV advertising.

When I'm not writing, you can find me jogging alongside Lake Michigan, avoiding eye contact with the faster runners. I love Vonnegut, first-person horror video games, that feeling when the Tupperware lid actually fits, and spending $15 on a movie ticket.